Dress Code

What to Wear in the Library

Library student employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to be well groomed and properly dressed.  Quality service, positive attitude, good patron relations, and pleasing personal appearance are key factors in creating and maintaining a favorable image.

Appearance is important to the impression made on others both now as a student worker and later in post-academic employment.  You are expected to dress as you would if you were an employee in a similar work environment off campus.

Individual apparel should not attract undue attention from other staff members or library patrons.  The library dress code provides plenty of room for the expression of individual taste and the exercise of individual choice.  Remember: The library is very cold!

You are not expected to dress up for work, but you do have to cover up.

What You Can’t Wear

Extremes of clothing are not permitted for any category of student worker.  The nature of library work involves climbing, bending, and reaching.  Clothing should be worn that permits these activities to be performed in a comfortable and non-revealing manner.

Specifically excluded attire:

  • Dirty or torn clothing.
  • Any clothing bearing suggestive, abusive, vulgar, offensive, or provocative illustrations, logos, slogans, or words.
  • Overly tight and provocative clothing.  This includes, but is not limited to, halter tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, other strapless tops, tight and excessively short skirts, shorts, and pants.
  • Garments that expose midriff, undergarments, see-through or mesh clothing, pajama-type clothing, and low-riding pants or shorts.
  • Skirts and dresses should not be too short.  Your job requires you to bend and reach.

Fundamental is the concept of appropriate clothing in relation to the type of work being performed.  Some library departments may have a more stringent dress code than others and this should be discussed with the supervisor.

If student workers violate the library dress code, the supervisor can require them to change their attire.  A second or repeated violation of this policy may result in termination of employment.

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